Why Mediralis?

Mediralis Pty. Ltd. is a newly-founded Australian trading company established in 2015 to supply high quality veterinary disinfectants and feed ingredients and additives for rapidly-growing Australian market. Our products are mainly sourced from reliable global companies based in France, United Kingdom, and Austria. Read More »



Hand sanitiser available to order ⟩

Our Mission

As a veterinary and agricultural related company,the core objective of the company is to combine and consolidate aggressive strategic marketing with ... Read More »

Our Vision

Recognized as a provider of animal health and growth products, we offer international high standard solutions to improve the quality of Animal husbandry. Read More »


Strategic Supply

At Mediralis, we appreciate the importance and significance of ensuring continuity of supply especially with relevant variations and careful adaptations in seasonal conditions. Do you want to know how? Read More »