Supplementation of 3A Protein in comparison to synthetic dlmethionine shows: 

• Higher body weight gain 
• better FCR 
• Higher protein and energy utilization along with more deposition of lean meat in breast and thigh muscles in commercial broilers. 
• Improve protein synthesis,antibody titres and other immune function along with egg production in commercial layers and breeders. 
• More efficient mobilization of hepatic fat with lower concentration of fat and triglycerol in liver along with improvement in meat quality and keeping quality of meat. 

The phosphatidyl choline in 3A protein: 
Help to convert hemo - cysteine to methionine for sustained bioavail ability and bio-activity. 


The folic acid in 3A Protein 
Help in regeneration of methionine from hemocysteine. 

3A protein can be used 100% in place of synthetic dl-methionine in poultry feed,with higher and sustained methionine activity. 

25 kg pack 


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